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Coaching Model

At Laird Culture + Capability, we specialise in executive coaching with a focus on executives moving to the next level in their careers. Individuals and organisations choose coaching as the preferred developmental model when specific areas of focus, growth or change are required. For this reason no two coaching programs are the same.

One on one coaching with an experiences, professional, credentialed executive coach is the most effective, direct, tailored professional development program available. Coaching is also selected for its personal and confidential nature so that real and important topics can be discussed openly in order to affect development at a deeper level in the individual.

Regardless of tailoring, quality of coaching is paramount and certain common elements prevail including:

  • Coaching is goal focused
  • Coaching involves commitment and accountability of both parties
  • Coaching respects privacy and confidentiality
  • Tailoring includes the selection of assessments if appropriate
  • Coaching is conducted in a safe, conducive environment
  • Delivery / communication methods are flexible to meet the time, location and availability needs of the client
  • Preparation and reflection are required for each session
  • Coaches problem solve with their clients and may sometimes mentor on specific topics, this is particularly evident in our voice and presentation skills coaching
  • Coaching is client centred, with the firm’s requirements also in mind
  • Our coaches are highly credentialed, experienced, with targeted expertise
  • Specialty coach bios available upon application

Typical areas of focus for our clients include:

  • Building Leadership Capability and developing key competencies
  • Driving a culture of authentic communication
  • Managing with Emotional Intelligence
  • CEO and C-Suite Coaching and On Boarding
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Public Presentations – Confidence and Capability
  • Critical Conversations
  • Conflict Management
  • Wellbeing and Resilience
  • 360 Feedback and coaching
  • Stepping up from technical to strategic leadership

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