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Previously known as Ignite Coaching Australia PTY LTD, we have been in business since 2007 and we exist to support you and your teams to claim personal territory through self- knowledge, responsibility and education in an atmosphere of deep enquiry, curiosity and participation in human evolution.

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We have had decades of experience in helping organisations to transform their leaders and their workforce.
We do this by building and strengthening the culture and the capabilities of the organisation to accelerate overall organisational performance.

Mary Ferguson
Mary Ferguson
Mary Ferguson has an extensive track record supporting leaders in developing and applying insight, courage and agility for positive outcomes through difficulty, change and growth. Her professional and personal commitment is to improve wellbeing in organisations.

She has senior level international consulting experience designing and delivering executive coaching and training programs that are firmly anchored in the latest evidence-based research into organisational wellbeing, positive psychology, conflict resolution, power and rank in organisations, leadership growth, human behaviour and organisational culture change.

Richard Lawton
Richard Lawton
As master voice coach and consultant, Richard has worked with all levels of legal professionals, executive level managers, C.E.O.’s and board directors. As a theatre director and performing arts lecturer, Richard worked with the Sydney Theatre Company, N.I.D.A., Sydney and Monash Universities.
Richard has worked with thousands of individuals internationally, over his 30-year career. He is a specialist in body language and voice work, which has assisted him in devising the “stand and deliver” method, a way of fast tracking clients in uncovering and re-arranging belief systems.
Amanda Schafer
Amanda Schafer
As an executive coach, Amanda facilitates the development of leadership capability through: performance improvement, personal brand and stature as a leader, self awareness, behavioural change and career goal setting. Specific areas often targeted by her clients include: Staff Performance Management, Influencing, Internal Relationships, Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, Presence and Presentations,
Communication, Work/life balance, Effective Networking and Personal Impact. Where appropriate, Amanda works with individuals to develop and execute a well-articulated career plan based on authentic strengths
and personal career drivers.

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